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  1. Rosters are locked before the first game.
  2. At least one girl must be playing at all times, if a team has no girls present they can only play with four boys.
  3. All games will be played under local High School Athletic Association Rules.
  4. 10U and 14U: teams will have four, eight (8) minute quarters.
    • Four (4) minutes for overtime – one (1) full timeout per team.
  5. 17 U: teams will have four, ten (10) minute quarters.
    • Five (5) minutes for overtime – one (1) full timeout per team.
  6. Each team will receive two (2) 30 – second timeouts and two (2) full length timeouts per game.
  7. Team Jerseys are required. (Same color tops with numbers is acceptable). No taped on numbers.
  8. Mercy Rule: At any point in second half when up by 30, the clock will run continuously for jump balls, fouls, violations, free throws, and out-of-bounds plays. The clock will only stop for timeouts, officials’ timeouts, or injury time-outs.
  9. Bonus on seventh (7) foul, double bonus on tenth (10) foul.
  10. All substitutions must report to scorekeepers table.
  11. Any player with two (2) technical fouls in a game will be ejected.
  12. No fighting tolerated. Any player(s) fighting in a game will be ejected with a one game suspension.
  13. Officials call is final, verbal abuse will not be tole rated. Physical contact against any official will constitute ejection from the game and the tournament area.
  14. Any player under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs, including inhalants, will not be permitted to play and will be reported to the proper authorities.
  15. Game time and game schedule subject to change at the discretion of Hollywood
  16. Roster limit of eight (8) players per team.
  17. In case of protest, a formal written complaint must be submitted to Seminole Tribal Fair Committee where they will review and make a final decision.
  18. Coach (team manager or team representative):
    • Must submit in team and be present for all games.
    • Must be at least 18 years old.
    • Will be held liable for player misconduct.
    • Must submit players’ Tribal I.Ds or C.D.I.B. with registration form.
    • Coaches, team managers, or team representatives are solely responsible and accountable for all completed paperwork, and if applicable: entry fee, for their team’s participation.

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