Due to overwhelming response, today’s Sublime show is sold out. We encourage you to watch the livestream on the website powwows.com. You can also see them in person when they return to south Florida at CoCo Live on March 16th. There is also other entertainment throughout today.

Check schedule below.

2018 Results

Golden Age (55+)

Fancy/Grass/Chicken Combined:

1st Place | Tommy Draper

2nd Place | Ralph Pacheco

N. Traditional/S. Straight Combined:

1st Place | Jim Red Eagle

2nd 2nd pl. Jeff Keeble

3rd 3rd pl. Terrel Anquoe

4th 4th pl. Duane Whitehorse

Junior (18-35)


1st Place  | Rooster Top Sky

2nd Place | Jamon Paskemin

3rd Place | Charley Lewis

4th Place | Angelo Begay


1st Place | Canku One Star

2nd Place | Darrell Hill

3rd Place | Terrance Cleveland

4th Place | Marshall Thomson


1st Place | Trae Little Sky

2nd Place | Therien Paskemin

3rd Place | Misun Mills

4th Place | Adrian Stevens

Northern Traditional:

1st Place | Lakota Littlesky

2nd Place | Donovan Haury

3rd Place | Donovan Abbey

4th Place | Jared Brown

Southern Straight:

1st Place | Kiowa Cozad

2nd Place | Terrance Todome

3rd Place | Marshall Funmaker

4th Place | Ronald Monoessy

Senior (36-54)


1st Place | Todd Papequash

2nd Place | Rod Atcheynum

3rd Place | Marty Thurman

4th Place | Tyler Greymountain


1st Place | Michael Roberts

2nd Place | Wayne Silas

3rd Place | Douglas Schoflield

4th Place | Jay Mule


1st Place | Jon Taken Alive

2nd Place | Randall Paskemin

3rd Place | Clifton Goodwill

4th Place | Adam Nordwall

Northern Traditional:

1st Place | Lonny Street

2nd Place | Russell McCloud

3rd Place | Tony Wahweotten

4th Place | Conrad Medicinerope

Southern Straight:

1st Place | Kelly Grant

2nd Place | Erwin Morris

3rd Place | Everett Moore

4th Place | Sean Spicer

Women’s Categories

Golden Age (55+)

Fancy/Jingle Combined:

1st Place | Irene Oaks

2nd Place | Rebecca Hawpettoss

3rd Place | Anna Pushetonequa

4th Place | Debra Phelps

N. Cloth/Buckskin Combined:

1st Place | Carmen Clairmont

2nd Place | Madelynn Goodwill

3rd Place | Elsie Wuttunee

4th Place | Sandra Plentywoods

S. Cloth/Buckskin Combined:

1st Place | Mary Olser

2nd Place | Dalania Alley

3rd Place | Claudia Spicer

4th Place | Charlene Cozad

Junior/Adult (18-35)


1st Place | Bobbi Lynn Frederick

2nd Place | Laryn Yazzie

3rd Place | T’ata Roberts

4th Place | Amber Cleveland


1st Place | Kia McCloud

2nd Place | Ryanne White

3rd Place | Ashley West Phelps

4th Place | Kaigan Olson

Northern Cloth:

1st Place | Farica Syrette

2nd Place | Caspie Abbey

3rd Place | Rochelle Mann

4th Place | Maurisa Two Two

Southern Cloth:

1st Place | Amanda Harris

2nd Place | Erica Moore

3rd Place | Rickielynn Huges

4th Place | Paan Pai Roberts

Southern Buckskin:

1st Place | Whitney Sage

2nd Place | Charish Toehay

3rd Place | Dalynn Alley

4th Place | Alexa Day

Northern Buckskin:

1st Place | Alva Fiddler

2nd Place | Summer Baldwin

3rd Place | Leela Abrahamson

4th Place | Kendra Eaglestar

Senior (36-54)


1st Place | Star Whiteye

2nd Place | Josette Scholfield

3rd Place | Melody Good Stricker


1st Place | Grace Pushetonequa

2nd Place | Cassie Hindsley/lasley

3rd Place | Rowena Roberts

4th Place | Rebecca Roberts

Northern Cloth:

1st Place | Tosha Goodwill

2nd Place | Regina Topsky

3rd Place | Amber Old Horn

4th Place | Marcy Fiddler

Southern Cloth:

1st Place | Chalene Toehay – Tartsah

2nd Place | Sophia Thurman

3rd Place | Dyanni Hamilton

4th Place | Patsy Garcia-Grant

Northern Buckskin:

1st Place | Thea McCloud

2nd Place | Nadine Deegan

3rd Place | Lacey Bacon

4th Place | Quahna Mars

Southern Buckskin:

1st Place | Danita Goodwill

2nd Place | Toni Mule

2nd Place | Jamie Whiteshirt

2nd Place | April Draper

Jr./Teen Boys Categories

Fancy/Grass Combined:

1st Place | Peyton White Buffalo

2nd Place | Deo Topsky

3rd Place | Buster Cleveland

4th Place | Bodie Nordwell

Northern/Southern Combined:

1st Place | Brycen Whiteshirt

2nd Place | Kealoon Hamilton

3rd Place | Hashibai Bird

4th Place | Sinte Sky Roberts

Jr./Teen Girls Categories

Northern/Southern Combined:

1st Place | Nichole Nordwell

2nd Place | Tessa Abbey

3rd Place | Olivia Olson

4th Place | Taliyah Eaglestar

Fancy/Jingle Combined:

1st Place | Morning Star Roberts

2nd Place | AJ Douglas

3rd Place | Tasha McCloud

4th Place | Ontaria Arrow White


Drum Contest Winners:

1st Place | Bear Creek

2nd Place | The Boyz

3rd Place | Southern Style

4th Place | Sharp Shooter

5th Place | Midnight Express

6th Place | War Paint

7th Place | Wild Band of Comanches


Sweetheart Special Winners:

1st Place | Jocy Bird & Trae Little Sky

2nd Place | Adrian Stevens & Sean Snyder

3rd Place | Brennah Wahweotten & Canku One Star

4th Place | Josette Wahwasuck & Doug Scholfield

5th Place | Stehanie Nordwall & Adam Nordwall