Seminole EvEnt

Tribal Fair & Pow Wow

Hard Rock Hollywood

2018 Results

Golden Age (55+)

Fancy/Grass/Chicken Combined:

1st Place | Tommy Draper

2nd Place | Ralph Pacheco

N. Traditional/S. Straight Combined:

1st Place | Jim Red Eagle

2nd 2nd pl. Jeff Keeble

3rd 3rd pl. Terrel Anquoe

4th 4th pl. Duane Whitehorse

Junior (18-35)


1st Place  | Rooster Top Sky

2nd Place | Jamon Paskemin

3rd Place | Charley Lewis

4th Place | Angelo Begay


1st Place | Canku One Star

2nd Place | Darrell Hill

3rd Place | Terrance Cleveland

4th Place | Marshall Thomson


1st Place | Trae Little Sky

2nd Place | Therien Paskemin

3rd Place | Misun Mills

4th Place | Adrian Stevens

Northern Traditional:

1st Place | Lakota Littlesky

2nd Place | Donovan Haury

3rd Place | Donovan Abbey

4th Place | Jared Brown

Southern Straight:

1st Place | Kiowa Cozad

2nd Place | Terrance Todome

3rd Place | Marshall Funmaker

4th Place | Ronald Monoessy

Senior (36-54)


1st Place | Todd Papequash

2nd Place | Rod Atcheynum

3rd Place | Marty Thurman

4th Place | Tyler Greymountain


1st Place | Michael Roberts

2nd Place | Wayne Silas

3rd Place | Douglas Schoflield

4th Place | Jay Mule


1st Place | Jon Taken Alive

2nd Place | Randall Paskemin

3rd Place | Clifton Goodwill

4th Place | Adam Nordwall

Northern Traditional:

1st Place | Lonny Street

2nd Place | Russell McCloud

3rd Place | Tony Wahweotten

4th Place | Conrad Medicinerope

Southern Straight:

1st Place | Kelly Grant

2nd Place | Erwin Morris

3rd Place | Everett Moore

4th Place | Sean Spicer

Women’s Categories

Golden Age (55+)

Fancy/Jingle Combined:

1st Place | Irene Oaks

2nd Place | Rebecca Hawpettoss

3rd Place | Anna Pushetonequa

4th Place | Debra Phelps

N. Cloth/Buckskin Combined:

1st Place | Carmen Clairmont

2nd Place | Madelynn Goodwill

3rd Place | Elsie Wuttunee

4th Place | Sandra Plentywoods

S. Cloth/Buckskin Combined:

1st Place | Mary Olser

2nd Place | Dalania Alley

3rd Place | Claudia Spicer

4th Place | Charlene Cozad

Junior/Adult (18-35)


1st Place | Bobbi Lynn Frederick

2nd Place | Laryn Yazzie

3rd Place | T’ata Roberts

4th Place | Amber Cleveland


1st Place | Kia McCloud

2nd Place | Ryanne White

3rd Place | Ashley West Phelps

4th Place | Kaigan Olson

Northern Cloth:

1st Place | Farica Syrette

2nd Place | Caspie Abbey

3rd Place | Rochelle Mann

4th Place | Maurisa Two Two

Southern Cloth:

1st Place | Amanda Harris

2nd Place | Erica Moore

3rd Place | Rickielynn Huges

4th Place | Paan Pai Roberts

Southern Buckskin:

1st Place | Whitney Sage

2nd Place | Charish Toehay

3rd Place | Dalynn Alley

4th Place | Alexa Day

Northern Buckskin:

1st Place | Alva Fiddler

2nd Place | Summer Baldwin

3rd Place | Leela Abrahamson

4th Place | Kendra Eaglestar

Senior (36-54)


1st Place | Star Whiteye

2nd Place | Josette Scholfield

3rd Place | Melody Good Stricker


1st Place | Grace Pushetonequa

2nd Place | Cassie Hindsley/lasley

3rd Place | Rowena Roberts

4th Place | Rebecca Roberts

Northern Cloth:

1st Place | Tosha Goodwill

2nd Place | Regina Topsky

3rd Place | Amber Old Horn

4th Place | Marcy Fiddler

Southern Cloth:

1st Place | Chalene Toehay – Tartsah

2nd Place | Sophia Thurman

3rd Place | Dyanni Hamilton

4th Place | Patsy Garcia-Grant

Northern Buckskin:

1st Place | Thea McCloud

2nd Place | Nadine Deegan

3rd Place | Lacey Bacon

4th Place | Quahna Mars

Southern Buckskin:

1st Place | Danita Goodwill

2nd Place | Toni Mule

2nd Place | Jamie Whiteshirt

2nd Place | April Draper

Jr./Teen Boys Categories

Fancy/Grass Combined:

1st Place | Peyton White Buffalo

2nd Place | Deo Topsky

3rd Place | Buster Cleveland

4th Place | Bodie Nordwell

Northern/Southern Combined:

1st Place | Brycen Whiteshirt

2nd Place | Kealoon Hamilton

3rd Place | Hashibai Bird

4th Place | Sinte Sky Roberts

Jr./Teen Girls Categories

Northern/Southern Combined:

1st Place | Nichole Nordwell

2nd Place | Tessa Abbey

3rd Place | Olivia Olson

4th Place | Taliyah Eaglestar

Fancy/Jingle Combined:

1st Place | Morning Star Roberts

2nd Place | AJ Douglas

3rd Place | Tasha McCloud

4th Place | Ontaria Arrow White


Drum Contest Winners:

1st Place | Bear Creek

2nd Place | The Boyz

3rd Place | Southern Style

4th Place | Sharp Shooter

5th Place | Midnight Express

6th Place | War Paint

7th Place | Wild Band of Comanches


Sweetheart Special Winners:

1st Place | Jocy Bird & Trae Little Sky

2nd Place | Adrian Stevens & Sean Snyder

3rd Place | Brennah Wahweotten & Canku One Star

4th Place | Josette Wahwasuck & Doug Scholfield

5th Place | Stehanie Nordwall & Adam Nordwall