Due to overwhelming response, today’s Sublime show is sold out. We encourage you to watch the livestream on the website powwows.com. You can also see them in person when they return to south Florida at CoCo Live on March 16th. There is also other entertainment throughout today.

Check schedule below.

2019 Results

Golden Age (55+)

Fancy/Grass/Chicken Combined:

1st Place | Tommy Draper

2nd Place | Allen Roy Paquin

3rd Place | Marty Pinnecoose

4th Place | Pat Pacheco

Northern/Southern Traditional Combined:

1st Place | Kelly Grant

2nd Place | Terry Fiddler

3rd Place | James Red Eagle

4th Place | Peter Powless

Junior (18-35)


1st Place | Darrell Hill

2nd Place | Eric Bird

3rd Place | Daniel Scholfield

4th Place | Kasen Street


1st Place | Trae Little Sky

2nd Place | Therein Paskemin

3rd Place | Joel Omeasoo

4th Place | Misun Mills


1st Place | Angelo Begay

2nd Place | Jamon Paskemin

3rd Place | Eyaconape Fox

4th Place | Shotae Tveter

Northern Traditional:

1st Place | Lakota Little Sky

2nd Place | Reuben Crowfeather, Jr.

3rd Place | Jared Brown

4th Place | Sam Slickpoo

Southern Straight:

1st Place | Lewis Perkins

2nd Place | Kiowa Cozad

3rd Place | Darian Adakai

4th Place | Ronald Goodeagle, Jr.

Senior (36-54)


1st Place | Nigel Schuyler

2nd Place | Wayne Sila

3rd Place | Michael Roberts

4th Place | Douglas Scholfield


1st Place | Jon Taken Alive

2nd Place | Randall Paskemin

3rd Place | Clifton Goodwill

4th Place | Orrenzo Snyder


1st Place | Lance McNab

2nd Place | Todd Papequash

3rd Place | James Day

4th Place | Keith Sharphead

North Traditional:

1st Place | Lonny Street

2nd Place | Reuben Crowfeather, Sr.

3rd Place | Russell McCloud

4th Place | Tony Wahweotten

Southern Straight:

1st Place | Erwin Morris

2nd Place | Everett Moore

3rd Place | Shude Victors

4th Place | Denny Medicinebird

Women’s Categories

Golden Age (55+)

Fancy/Jingle Combined:

1st Place | Melinda Goodwill

2nd Place | Anna Mea Pushetonequa

Northern Cloth/Buckskin Combined:

1st Place | Madelyn Goodwill

2nd Place | Virginia Tsosie

3rd Place | Sandra Plentywounds

4th Place | Lora Draper

Southern Cloth/Buckskin Combined:

1st Place | Delaine Alley

2nd Place | Amy Noear

3rd Place | Mary Olsen

4th Place | Maria Irizarry Whitehorse

Junior/Adult (18-35)


1st Place | Jocy Bird

2nd Place | Michelle Whitecalf

3rd Place | Symone Paskemin


1st Place | Jovelle Pacheco

2nd Place | Hokian Win McCloud

3rd Place | Ashley Phelps-West

4th Place | Mikah Whitecloud

Northern Cloth:

1st Place | Arianna Greencrow

2nd Place | Tia Lonetree-Gray

3rd Place | Faith Good Striker

4th Place | Makayla Sage

Southern Cloth:

1st Place | Amanda Moore

2nd Place | Erica Moore

3rd Place | Ava Botone

4th Place | Cristina Perez

Southern Buckskin:

1st Place | Charish Toehay

2nd Place | Dalynn Alley

3rd Place | Whitney Sage

4th Place | Rickilynn Hughes

Northern Buckskin:

1st Place | Krystal Bigsky

2nd Place | Kaleigh Starblanket

3rd Place | Kireston Mandes

Senior (36-54)


1st Place | Verna Street

2nd Place | Star Whiteeye

3rd Place | Valerie Parker

4th Place | Nahmi Lasley


1st Place | Gracie Hill

2nd Place | Farica Syrette

3rd Place | Rebecca Roberts

4th Place | December Arrow White

Northern Cloth:

1st Place | Thea McCloud

2nd Place | Amber Oldhorn

3rd Place | Raylene Medicinerope

4th Place | Josette Scholfield

Northern Buckskin:

1st Place | Tosha Goodwill

2nd Place | Jacinta Tsosie

3rd Place | Randi Hart

4th Place | Marie Summers

Southern Cloth:

1st Place | Sophia Thurman

2nd Place | Dyanni Hamilton

3rd Place | Chalene Toehay-Tartsah

4th Place | Patsy Grant

Southern Buckskin:

1st Place | Danita Goodwill

2nd Place | Toni Tsatoke-Mule

3rd Place | Flora Thompson

4th Place | Ponka-We Victors

Jr./Teen Boys Categories


1st Place | RJ Tveter

2nd Place | O.D. Drapeer

3rd Place | Buster Cleveland

4th Place | Lucas Cleveland


1st Place | Jackson Taken Alive

2nd Place | Dayven Clairmont

3rd Place | Rusty McCloud

4th Place | Makiya Denny

Northern/Southern Traditional Combined:

1st Place | Keaian Hamilton

2nd Place | Ronald Monossey, Jr.

3rd Place | Aydrian Day

4th Place | Keaton Tartsah

Jr./Teen Girls Categories


1st Place | Lennyn Paskemin

2nd Place | Aireis Draper

3rd Place | Verna Alex

4th Place | Stacey Stearns


1st Place | Asjha Tveter

2nd Place | Tosha McCloud

3rd Place | Meah Bird

4th Place | Tianna Wright

Northern/Southern Traditional Combined:

1st Place | Lillian Shakespeare-Largo

2nd Place | Jaida Whitecloud

3rd Place | Candelinn Tartsah

4th Place | Shawntay Iron Horse


Drum Contest Winners:

1st Place | The Boyz

2nd Place | Bear Creek

3rd Place | Wild Band of Commanches

4th Place | Iron Boy

5th Place | Sharp Shooter

6th Place | Crazy Spirit

7th Place | War Paint

Consulation Winners:

Ho Chunk Station

Rock Hill

Sons of the Drum


Hand Drum Special:

Sponsored by Calvin Campbell

1st Place | Rock Hill

2nd Place | Bear Creek

3rd Place | Wood Family

Jingle Dress Special:

Sponsored by Wendall Powless

1st Place | Rebecca Roberts

2nd Place | Grace Hill

3rd Place | Joby Pacheco

Fancy Shawl Special:

Sponsored by Mitchell Cypress

1st Place | Verna Street

2nd Place | Valerie Parker

3rd Place | Star White Eyes

4th Place | Malinda Goodwill

Southern Straight Special (Head Staff):

In Honor of Juaquin Hamilton

1st Place | Lewis Perkins

2nd Place | Ronnie Goodeagle, Jr.

3rd Place | Erwin Morris

4th Place | Darien Adeki

5th Place | Charlie Cozad

North Traditional Special (Head Staff):

In Honor of Chaska LaBlanc

1st Place | Dwight Little John

2nd Place | Jerry Brown

3rd Place | Reuben Feather, Jr.

4th Place | Lonnie Street

5th Place | Adrian Klein

Grass Dance Special (Head Staff):

In Honor of Calvin Campbell and Howard Thomson

1st Place | John Take It Alive

2nd Place | Tray Little Sky

3rd Place | Randy Paskaman

4th Place | Joe Woods

5th Place | Desmond Madera

Traditional vs. Southern Straight:

In Honor of Ronnie Goodeagle, Sr.

1st Place | Kevin Haywatha

2nd Place | Darien Adeki

3rd Place | Lewis Perkins

4th Place | Reuben Crow Feathers, Sr.

5th Place | Erwin Morris

6th Place | Nathan Largo