Seminole EvEnt

Tribal Fair & Pow Wow

Hard Rock Hollywood

2019 Results

Golden Age (55+)

Fancy/Grass/Chicken Combined:

1st Place | Tommy Draper

2nd Place | Allen Roy Paquin

3rd Place | Marty Pinnecoose

4th Place | Pat Pacheco

Northern/Southern Traditional Combined:

1st Place | Kelly Grant

2nd Place | Terry Fiddler

3rd Place | James Red Eagle

4th Place | Peter Powless

Junior (18-35)


1st Place | Darrell Hill

2nd Place | Eric Bird

3rd Place | Daniel Scholfield

4th Place | Kasen Street


1st Place | Trae Little Sky

2nd Place | Therein Paskemin

3rd Place | Joel Omeasoo

4th Place | Misun Mills


1st Place | Angelo Begay

2nd Place | Jamon Paskemin

3rd Place | Eyaconape Fox

4th Place | Shotae Tveter

Northern Traditional:

1st Place | Lakota Little Sky

2nd Place | Reuben Crowfeather, Jr.

3rd Place | Jared Brown

4th Place | Sam Slickpoo

Southern Straight:

1st Place | Lewis Perkins

2nd Place | Kiowa Cozad

3rd Place | Darian Adakai

4th Place | Ronald Goodeagle, Jr.

Senior (36-54)


1st Place | Nigel Schuyler

2nd Place | Wayne Sila

3rd Place | Michael Roberts

4th Place | Douglas Scholfield


1st Place | Jon Taken Alive

2nd Place | Randall Paskemin

3rd Place | Clifton Goodwill

4th Place | Orrenzo Snyder


1st Place | Lance McNab

2nd Place | Todd Papequash

3rd Place | James Day

4th Place | Keith Sharphead

North Traditional:

1st Place | Lonny Street

2nd Place | Reuben Crowfeather, Sr.

3rd Place | Russell McCloud

4th Place | Tony Wahweotten

Southern Straight:

1st Place | Erwin Morris

2nd Place | Everett Moore

3rd Place | Shude Victors

4th Place | Denny Medicinebird

Women's Categories

Golden Age (55+)

Fancy/Jingle Combined:

1st Place | Melinda Goodwill

2nd Place | Anna Mea Pushetonequa

Northern Cloth/Buckskin Combined:

1st Place | Madelyn Goodwill

2nd Place | Virginia Tsosie

3rd Place | Sandra Plentywounds

4th Place | Lora Draper

Southern Cloth/Buckskin Combined:

1st Place | Delaine Alley

2nd Place | Amy Noear

3rd Place | Mary Olsen

4th Place | Maria Irizarry Whitehorse

Junior/Adult (18-35)


1st Place | Jocy Bird

2nd Place | Michelle Whitecalf

3rd Place | Symone Paskemin


1st Place | Jovelle Pacheco

2nd Place | Hokian Win McCloud

3rd Place | Ashley Phelps-West

4th Place | Mikah Whitecloud

Northern Cloth:

1st Place | Arianna Greencrow

2nd Place | Tia Lonetree-Gray

3rd Place | Faith Good Striker

4th Place | Makayla Sage

Southern Cloth:

1st Place | Amanda Moore

2nd Place | Erica Moore

3rd Place | Ava Botone

4th Place | Cristina Perez

Southern Buckskin:

1st Place | Charish Toehay

2nd Place | Dalynn Alley

3rd Place | Whitney Sage

4th Place | Rickilynn Hughes

Northern Buckskin:

1st Place | Krystal Bigsky

2nd Place | Kaleigh Starblanket

3rd Place | Kireston Mandes

Senior (36-54)


1st Place | Verna Street

2nd Place | Star Whiteeye

3rd Place | Valerie Parker

4th Place | Nahmi Lasley


1st Place | Gracie Hill

2nd Place | Farica Syrette

3rd Place | Rebecca Roberts

4th Place | December Arrow White

Northern Cloth:

1st Place | Thea McCloud

2nd Place | Amber Oldhorn

3rd Place | Raylene Medicinerope

4th Place | Josette Scholfield

Northern Buckskin:

1st Place | Tosha Goodwill

2nd Place | Jacinta Tsosie

3rd Place | Randi Hart

4th Place | Marie Summers

Southern Cloth:

1st Place | Sophia Thurman

2nd Place | Dyanni Hamilton

3rd Place | Chalene Toehay-Tartsah

4th Place | Patsy Grant

Southern Buckskin:

1st Place | Danita Goodwill

2nd Place | Toni Tsatoke-Mule

3rd Place | Flora Thompson

4th Place | Ponka-We Victors

Jr./Teen Boys Categories


1st Place | RJ Tveter

2nd Place | O.D. Drapeer

3rd Place | Buster Cleveland

4th Place | Lucas Cleveland


1st Place | Jackson Taken Alive

2nd Place | Dayven Clairmont

3rd Place | Rusty McCloud

4th Place | Makiya Denny

Northern/Southern Traditional Combined:

1st Place | Keaian Hamilton

2nd Place | Ronald Monossey, Jr.

3rd Place | Aydrian Day

4th Place | Keaton Tartsah

Jr./Teen Girls Categories


1st Place | Lennyn Paskemin

2nd Place | Aireis Draper

3rd Place | Verna Alex

4th Place | Stacey Stearns


1st Place | Asjha Tveter

2nd Place | Tosha McCloud

3rd Place | Meah Bird

4th Place | Tianna Wright

Northern/Southern Traditional Combined:

1st Place | Lillian Shakespeare-Largo

2nd Place | Jaida Whitecloud

3rd Place | Candelinn Tartsah

4th Place | Shawntay Iron Horse


Drum Contest Winners:

1st Place | The Boyz

2nd Place | Bear Creek

3rd Place | Wild Band of Commanches

4th Place | Iron Boy

5th Place | Sharp Shooter

6th Place | Crazy Spirit

7th Place | War Paint

Consulation Winners:

Ho Chunk Station

Rock Hill

Sons of the Drum


Hand Drum Special:

Sponsored by Calvin Campbell

1st Place | Rock Hill

2nd Place | Bear Creek

3rd Place | Wood Family

Jingle Dress Special:

Sponsored by Wendall Powless

1st Place | Rebecca Roberts

2nd Place | Grace Hill

3rd Place | Joby Pacheco

Fancy Shawl Special:

Sponsored by Mitchell Cypress

1st Place | Verna Street

2nd Place | Valerie Parker

3rd Place | Star White Eyes

4th Place | Malinda Goodwill

Southern Straight Special (Head Staff):

In Honor of Juaquin Hamilton

1st Place | Lewis Perkins

2nd Place | Ronnie Goodeagle, Jr.

3rd Place | Erwin Morris

4th Place | Darien Adeki

5th Place | Charlie Cozad

North Traditional Special (Head Staff):

In Honor of Chaska LaBlanc

1st Place | Dwight Little John

2nd Place | Jerry Brown

3rd Place | Reuben Feather, Jr.

4th Place | Lonnie Street

5th Place | Adrian Klein

Grass Dance Special (Head Staff):

In Honor of Calvin Campbell and Howard Thomson

1st Place | John Take It Alive

2nd Place | Tray Little Sky

3rd Place | Randy Paskaman

4th Place | Joe Woods

5th Place | Desmond Madera

Traditional vs. Southern Straight:

In Honor of Ronnie Goodeagle, Sr.

1st Place | Kevin Haywatha

2nd Place | Darien Adeki

3rd Place | Lewis Perkins

4th Place | Reuben Crow Feathers, Sr.

5th Place | Erwin Morris

6th Place | Nathan Largo